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location  La Mirande de Saint-Clar
blanco  7 Rue des Bastides
blanco  32 380 Saint-Clar

       Gers/  Midi-Pyrénées/ Occitanie


telefoon  BE +32 478 70 29 32
blanco  FR  +33 772 55 61 06

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Parking spot nearby the house


Destination Agen or Auch (35 km from St-Clar)
Rental car and taxi service available


Airport Toulouse(Blagnac) at 68 km from St-Clar
Rental car and taxi service available

And  for ...

…. the real hikers: we are at walking distance from the Compostela pilgrimage trail (
…. those who like to come by horse: follow the route D’Artagnan ( and let your horse have an overstay night in Saint-Clar. (1 km from La Mirande)
 …. those who cross the region by boat via Canal du Midi ( we are  about 30 km from the nearest landing pier.


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