The Gers is agricultural patrimonium in the SouthWest of France. Picturesque villages, linked with winding country roads, crossing a superb nature,  offering amazing views and stuffed with authentic buildings,  are a perfect scene and invitation to slow down. Hikers and bikers, nature lovers, bookworms, cultureadepts, gourmets and Burgundians do know why they are in the Gers.

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Saint-Clar is a living village in the Gers. The mayor is putting a lot of effort in bringing more quality of live to his village to make it even more attractive.

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You can call it coincidence or maybe it is our destinity: in any case Saint-Clar for us is the core of a vibrant story starting back in 2010
The local “artisans” were artists in their profession. With their devotion they did put all their love for their job in our house.
Our children, family and friends, every visitor took a shovel, a trowel or a screwdriver and helped whenever it was needed or they were there with good advice. Today we are proud of what has been achieved and grateful for all the help we got.

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It is our goal to bring with La Mirande la cosy atmosphere alive, a place to come home to.
A very personal approch, a home with an open fridge and kitchen, you can be a guest mingling with the other guests or just looking for a quiet place for reading a book or  drinking a glass of wine - every aspect on your wishlist will be fulfilled at La Mirande.
The fabulous views cannot be ignored and therefore all rooms are named to the view they offer. The marvelous castles of Gramont and Avezan and the villages Tournecoupe and Saint-Clar form our four-leaf clover.

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Living together is only possible when the guidelines are clear:

New arrivals will be welcomed from 16:00 to 18:00. If anything comes between, we are only one phone call away.

The day you leave, you can stay at the property, but you have to leave your room not later than 12:00.

Your room will be cleaned every day. Towels will be exchanged when you put them in the laundry bin.

There is an equipped kitchenette in the loft and in the garden. There you can prepare a quick snack during the day, but we insist you leave the kitchen clean before 20.00

There is fridge in the loft and in the garden.

Animals are not admitted.

Smoking is allowed only outside the house.

WIFI is for free everywhere on the property.



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