Being your hostess in La Mirande open communication and personalized approach are my main ingredients for a relaxed atmosphere. Seeing the enjoyment of my guests energizes  me  to offer every day the many tiny attentions demonstrating our hospitality.

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Our house is part of the medieval village of Saint-Clar with a classified central market hall of the 11th century. La Mirande oversees from its unique location on the Bastide the valley of the Arratz river. The beautifull scenic views are the perfect ingredients for resourcing in a historical environment.



Light is omnipresent in La Mirande. The solid walls in natural stone, combined with ecological materials for thermic and accoustic isolation, create a natural atmosphere in the house, exponentially expressed by abundant light in the rooms.
Light playing with colors offers unexpected effects throughout the house.


"Colour is the wonder of light"  ( Marc van Halsendaele)


Une mirande (Latin “mirari” of “regarding with pleasure”) is a gallery at the topfloor of a building, dominating a valley. This typical aspect is part of the rich mediterranean architecture.
We discovered such a gallery in the attic and restored it as an integral part of the loft. This loft is for rent outside the high season.
The mirande is a caleidoscope for a spectacular daybreak, for threatening thunderclouds with lightning flashes, for colourful rainbows, for misty mornings before the sun unveils the beauty of the scenic Arratz valley . You will be speechless and never forget the first time you witnessed

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La Mirande is not only the house of the scenic views, but it is also the house of many terraces. At the start of renovation we had “terrasse maison” and “terrasse figuier”. Between the start and now, one terrace would follow up another: cosy terrace, morning terrace, sunbed terrace... Even at the entrance garden, we have a litte terrace . And of course, your eyes won’t have a moment to relax with all that “mirari”



The swimming pool offers naturally cleaned water which is good for your skin.  Thanks to the concept of the infinity pool, one has the illusion to “swim the valley”.
Even if swimming  is too much of an effort, the sunbed terrace is offering a perfect answer on “que faire quand on n’a rien a faire”. Hidden behind the bastide wall and integrated in the sunbed terrace, our spa is the perfect place to admire another breathtaking sunset, nipping at your apperitif and imagining what the next “mirari” could be.



Summer kitchen


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